Watercolour Courses at Windrush Gallery

Courses for 2017/2018

5th June 2018 PEN and WASH (FULL) Paul Weaver
20th - 22nd June LOOSE WATERCOLOUR 190 (FULL) Steve Hall
12th July 2018 Outdoors Indoors (FULL) Andrew Hucklesby
5th and 6th September Sketchbook Workshop 150 (FULL) Peter Cronin
28th September LOOSE LANDSCAPES (FULL) Steve Hall
29th September 2018 LOOSE LANDSCAPES (FULL) Steve Hall
5th October 2018 David Bellamy DEMONSTRATION (2pm) 25 David Bellamy
6th October 2018 COTSWOLD LANDSCAPE 90 (FULL) David Bellamy
11th + 12th October 2018 Painting Buildings and Water 160 (FULL) Robert Brindley
19th and 20th October AUTUMN LANDSCAPE 160 (FULL) Paul Weaver
7th November 2018 Animals in Watercolour (FULL) Jake Winkle
15th November 2018 VIGNETTES (FULL) Judi Whitton
21st November 2018 Winter Landscapes (FULL) Andrew Hucklesby
22nd November 2018 VIGNETTES (FULL) Judi Whitton
29th November 2018 Winter Wonderland (FULL) Carolyn King
5th December 2018 ANIMALS in Watercolour 80 (FULL) Jake Winkle
7th December 2018 LIFE DRAWING 10 - 12.45 30 (FULL) Amanda Cooper
6th February 2019 Beginner's Watercolour 80 Andrew Hucklesby
7th February 2019 Atmospheric Landscapes 80 Andrew Hucklesby
22nd February 2019 How to Paint Like Turner 80 Carolyn King
26th February 2019 Going Wild 90 Jake Winkle
14th March 2019 Judi's Vignettes 85 Judi Whitton
27th March 2019 Pen and Wash 85 Paul Weaver

Day Courses: £80, including buffet lunch, tea & home-made cake
Residential courses: various prices, depending on B&B requirements; day rates also available

Our One-Day Courses are designed to assist students who are familiar with painting in watercolour, but would like to improve their techniques and add 'atmosphere' to their work. All abilities are most welcome, whether you paint regularly or have not picked up a brush for years.

Windrush is the ideal location for watercolour courses, surrounded by unspoilt Cotswold countryside and a short walk from the picturesque River Windrush. The Georgian house, former home of James Fletcher-Watson, R.I., R.B.A., has a large studio space, an elegant dining room for lunch and refreshments, and extensive gardens.

A welcome coffee is served from 9.45am and the class begins with a demonstration in the studio Gallery, usually followed by sketching and/or painting out of doors in the garden or the village. A delicious home-made buffet lunch is served in the dining room, and afterwards course members will complete their own location or studio pictures. Small classes (maximum 10) allow the tutor to give guidance to each course member. The day concludes with tea and a summing-up.

To book a place on a Day Course, or for more details, please e-mail Josephine Neil on j.neil299@btinternet.com or telephone 01451 844425.


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